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There's no contract, You may enable or disable your listing at anytime.

There is no GDS fees, there is no Travel Agents commission payments.

Your total commission is only 10% and is deducted automatically from the deposit paid by the guest at the time of booking.

You can manage your availability through our dedicated Control Panel, enabling you to update availability, prices, photos and other part of the listing at anytime.

There are no invoices or paperwork from us. All confirmed bookings are emailed to you. You can also access all reservation details by logging to your Control Panel.

More information about Extended Stay Bookers

Extended Stay Bookers is a reservation network designed with furnished apartments in mind. It allows guests to book an extended stay in furnished apartment almost as easy as booking a short term hotel stay.

The reservation process is easy and user friendly. The main difference between booking process at Extended Stay Bookers and other reservation system sis that Extended Stay Bookers allows apartment owners to manually confirm availability before the guest can continue with making the reservation. There is no need to maintain calendar of availability typically required in other reservation networks.

When a request is made by a guest, an apartment owner may accept or decline the reservation, or communicate messages to the guest even before a reservation is confirmed. This allows both parties to discuss dates the apartment is available, check in procedures as well as any other questions the guest or the property owner may have, ex check in time, pet policy, taxes that may be due etc

Other useful features include stay restrictions an apartment owner may set up, weekly and monthly rates and more. Stay restrictions come useful when a property wants to accept only stays of certian minimum or maximum lenght, or of only certain arrival or departure dates etc. Setting up such restrictions takes a second and the only requests coming to the property will be meeting the criteria set by the property.

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