Check availability on furnished apartments in Edmonton

How it works 

There are 3 easy steps to book a furnished apartment:

Submit a request for an apartment of your choice for desired dates
Wait for the apartment owner to confirm availability
Log back to pay 10% deposit to confirm your reservation

Simple, easy and convenient!

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Please note that the property may not accept your request since the apartment may be booked for the dates requested. Therefore feel free to make requests for more than one apartment. In case more then one request is accepted, please select one of the accepted requests and confirm this one reservation only.

If you are not sure which apartment to choose, or would like to quickly check availability of all apartments in selected city, please submit an Extended Stay Request form located above search results. It will reach all apartments owners in the selected city letting them know that you are looking for a furnished accommodation. Only apartment owners with furnished apartments available for requested dates will contact you to submit their offers. That should speed up the process, and may be preferred way of finding an apartment, especially if you are considering more than one location.

Important notes about deposit payments and confirming your reservation:
In order to confirm your reservation, you will need to provide your credit card information and pay the required 10% deposit. The 10% deposit is necessary to confirm the reservation, is processed though Extended Stay Bookers and is not refundable. The remaining 90% of your reservation is paid directly to the property owner and may be refunded by the property owner in accordance with the deposit and cancellation policies of the specific property booked.

Please also visit out Blog. You will find there many useful tips how to book an apartment, how to view, reprint or cancel your reservations and more.

If you have any additional questions please visit our FAQ page or our Contact page.


(*) If an apartment you are trying to book accepts Direct Bookings, the whole booking process is fully automated and you will be able to confirm the booking immediatelly. There will be no need to wait for the apartment owner to confirm availability. Most of the apartments howerer choose to accept requests manually.